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Smartech Mission

Through the development of sustainable partnerships with leading suppliers, machine tool manufacturers, tools and equipment, as well as software design and programming, automation solutions, we position ourselves on the Romanian market as a provider of complete and integrated technical solutions.


We are the first to bring and integrate today the technology of tomorrow.


We evolve together to offer you the right solutions for continuous support and modern technologies.


We want our relationships with client companies with which we collaborate to be durable, warm and to evolve in the direction of the newest and most efficient industrial technologies. Our greatest contentment is to satisfy our customers who will come back for a technological upgrade or recommend us to other partners. Together we wish to place Romania as a point of interest on the international industrial map.

The Team

We want Smartech to be an enjoyable working place, in which people are inspired to reach their full potential and to develop in all areas. We promote a friendly, understanding, innovative and responsible work environment. We are truly a team, we sustain and help one another, we continually evolve as people and we’re feeling excellent together.


Together with manufacturing and provider companies from Europe and America, we wish to rapidly bring to Romania the latest industrial technologies and trends, so that the Romanian industry can become a competitor on the international market.


In order to ensure a durable industrial growth and sustain the environment, we commit to using and promoting the most eco-friendly technologies and at the same time we try to save natural resources.

Commitment and passion for innovation

From the very beginning we have been committed to a sustainable development: to surpass the expectations of clients and to deliver quality services, we are connected with what we call “innovation and investment in the future”.

We respond to the challenges of our clients who wish to construct durable production facilities, by offering them customised solutions and teaching them how to communicate with machines.

Each time we enthusiastically complete the mission of being a local provider of “Smart Industrial Solutions” for any company who wants to benefit from high performance in a global business environment.

Besides equipping our customers with machine tools and the necessary technical capabilities, we also provide them with consultancy, maintenance and product testing services in order to optimise production times and other monitored performance indicators.

We had the honour of collaborating with clients from different domains, such as metal components and spare parts manufacturers, tool rooms, mould workshops, automotive industry, aerospace industry and professional education institutions.

Therefore, these are the words that define our mission and activity: 

  • PASSION und 

We are proud of our young and dynamic team which has grown together with the company and still contributes to its development!

15 years Experience

customer references:

VDL Groep

Produced in Romania according to “German standard”